Vehicles & Rates

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Cash Rentals and Low Security Deposits!

Suzuki Forenza

Rate’s starting at $29.99/day or $149.99/week or $450.00 per month.  Call for availabilty.


PT Cruiser

Prices start at $29.99/day and $149.99/week or $450.00 per month!

Email us at

Free Shuttle Pick up To Orange County Airport, Local Hotels, Homes and Repair Shops.

Ford Cargo


$19.99/day .59 cents a mile.  Email us at



Designed to move families – not freight.

  • 50% easier to load.
  • Newest, safest fleet in the industry.
  • 24 hour emergency road service.
  • More locations, more convenience.

Get the right equipment to move what’s important to you – your family and possessions.

U-Haul trucks

Ford F150’s, Cargo Vans, 10 foot Trucks, 14 foot Trucks and 17 foot trucks.

  • Designed for household moving.
  • Smoothest, quietest cab ride in the industry.
  • Driver side airbags in all trucks.
  • Specially designed cab and mirrors ensure maximum visibility.
  • Low decks make U-Haul trucks 50% easier to load.

Our competitor’s trucks

  • Built for moving freight.
  • Rough ride.
  • Airbags not in all trucks.
  • Limited visibility mirrors and view angle from windshield.
  • Dock height decks.
  • Not suitable for operating in residential neighborhoods.


Ford Fusion

Prices start at $34.99/day

Free Shuttle Pick up To Orange County Airport, Local Hotels, Homes and Repair Shops.